Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fast Ford Nation

Ford Nation PassportInspired by top user comment on this Toronto Star article. Thanks to everyone in the lab who helped, especially Andrew.

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CheeMiss said...

It's real sad that you think that bashing a man that is making such a positive effort to put monies back into your pocket, expose the wasteful spending ie: TCHC scandal and many more to come, improve services through these exposures, at no extra cost to all of us, including you, repair the decaying infrastructure of this great city and more.
Think about what you are doing, please. Think.

Mayor Ford may not be an elegant, suave, slim, speaker, but he is HONEST, CARING, & WORKING FOR ALL OUR BENEFITS!

Do you really think that Ford does not know what he is doing by going to McGuinty to ask for monies?

Come on now, even you should be able to figure this out. An elementary student would. McGuinty's liberals have raised taxes soooo much with nothing to show for it. We all agree on that one, I hope.

Ford is exposing waste on the city level, right? Well, he's also drawing attention to the fact that the provincial level is so full of waste, that if McGuinty did the job he was hired to do 7 1/2 yrs ago, like Ford has been doing for the past couple of mths., then the province WOULD be in a position to finally take on the cost of the TTC, which has out grown the city budget long ago, along with other public projects, that have also out grown the city coffers.....since the province gets a bigger piece of our tax pie than the city does.

The day will come when you have a couple of kids in tow, a wife that wants a pretty house, furniture, clothes, family holidays etc., and you will be so frustrated bcos you cannot provide for your family bcos most of your pay cheque will have to cover higher taxes, heat, hydro and God knows what else McGuinty will think up for the rest of that pay cheque.
Then you will look back on this day and be ashamed of yourself, for knocking/bashing an Honest man, that is doing his best to expose the criminal waste of the public powers that be, and the staff under them.

I just hope that you are not blessed with a child that has a weight problem all his/her life. Watching that child cry every night bcos the kids keep calling him/her names. The Universe sure does work in mysterious ways. And if you choose to even mock me for saying this, then I say this to you. I have lived long enough to know, that those who throw stones today, do get them thrown back at them tomorrow......and you can put that in the bank!

Many people are very proud that an Honest man is making an effort for us. Mayor Ford is a sharp cookie. Knocking him just shows how much you are not! :)

The old adage rings true: "Youth is wasted on the young."

Justin said...

Wow, What's a CheeMiss?

Andrew Knox said...

You know what an elementary school child could figure out? That Ford has to go to McGuinty for money because Ford's fiscal decisions are stupid. His financial plans are based on getting morons like you (CheeMiss) riled up about Government “waste”, not on financial responsibility or even basic math. Ford is "saving" thousands of dollars by cutting councilor budgets, and foregoing millions by cutting vehicle registration and land transfer taxes. Elementary students know that $1,000,000 is more than $1,000 and that this kind of budgetary policy will lead to deficit.

I actually do have a wife, and we wouldn't mind owning a residence if that were remotely affordable, but the only places where it is affordable are so far from the city (where intelligent professionals find most of their employment opportunities) that we'd be forced to sink more money than we'd ever pay in taxes into the money pits that are automobiles. Then we'd also be forced to spend 2+ hours a day on a commute that would be a waste of our time (which is valuable, so even more money wasted), aggravating and polluting (bad for our hearts, so a greater burden on the health care system), and not what I want to do with my life. You know what would have helped with that problem? Transit City. What is Ford's problem with the war on the car? I'd love to be a general in that war. Anyone who cares about buying more satisfying lives for Torontonians would be a proponent of massive expansion of public transit and giving people every opportunity to SAVE MONEY by giving up their cars. Or maybe you like the frustration of traffic jams, car accidents, and car insurance coupled with breathing shitty air while surrounded by a landscape of stained concrete and listening to morning talk radio.

Sinking the City into debt as Ford is doing isn't going to help me pay bills or taxes. This moron of a mayor wanted to spend WAY more on additional police than he was going to "save" by reducing expenditure in City Hall, and that was only one of the many expenses he is going to incur. Thankfully, the chief of police reminded Ford that he should have consulted with the police before making a commitment to hiring cops they don't need and can't manage right now.

At one point, Ford said he'd make up the revenue he was forgoing by getting money from condo development. If you do the math, it will show you that the rate of condo development he would need to balance his budget is so high that there aren't enough cranes in North America to build condos fast enough. But you don't need to do the math, you just need the common sense observation that the market would never support that much condo development and there isn't enough available land in Toronto to build that much. An elementary student could figure that one out, too.

I'm sure when Rob Ford's rich and heroic daddy told him that if he took care of the pennies the dollars would take care of themselves, he meant that he should take care of ALL the pennies, not just the fraction of a percent of them that get the people on the lower end of the IQ scale riled up. It doesn't matter how many pennies Ford pinches. He's playing a big boy game now, and big boys spend bills, not pocket change. He may actually believe he is doing the right thing, and he may be honest, but he is honestly stupid. That stupidity means that he not only advocates poor decisions, he is also easily manipulated by his Conservative and American backers, who are far from stupid and even further from holding your interests, my interests, or the interests of the City on the same level as their personal profit motives. So how is Ford "WORKING FOR ALL OUR BENEFITS"? How is a failed budget going to "repair the decaying infrastructure of this great city"?

Andrew Knox said...

Ford may be "doing his best to expose the criminal waste of the public powers that be", but his best is pathetic, and that "criminal" waste", if it exists, could, at maximum, represent a pathetically small portion of this city's budget. Why isn't he aiming at the real corruption in this society? Why isn't he looking at the corruption in the financial sector that demonstrably led to the economic crisis we're now in? Oh, that's right, the profits from that corruption paid for his campaign.

Is there waste in the McGuinty government? I don't know. I'm not an insider in that government. I don't know the detailed machinations of governments in general. I don't base my conclusions on the tautology that since I'm working hard and not having as good a time as political theatre makes it look like McGuinty is having, then McGuinty and his government must not be working hard and must be corrupt. This waste you talk about is pure speculation. But you know what isn't speculation? The province actually WAS in a position to take on the cost of the TTC and WAS ready to spend the money on Transit City. Sure, they balked for a while, but the money was on the table until Ford refused it. Therefore, given your "if" statement, ("if McGuinty did the job he was hired to do 7 1/2 yrs ago...the province WOULD be in a position to finally take on the cost of the TTC"), McGuinty must have done that job. BY THE WAY, you erudite thinker, the Mayor of Toronto's purview is to manage the City, not expose waste at the provincial level. If that exposure is Ford's focus, he's not doing his job, and that is a waste of my tax dollars. Also, if you know that "the province gets a bigger piece of our tax pie than the city does" then why are you looking to the City government to save your tax money? Why don't you vote to save taxes in Provincial elections and vote for intelligent government in municipal elections?

P.S. "those who throw stones today, do get them thrown back at them tomorrow......and you can put that in the bank!" You might be smarter than I am, so I don't know, but I think that's a mixed metaphor. What am I supposed to do? Ask the bank to accept stones? Add the stones to the stones in a river bank? Shit, you Ford-votin' old people are too smart for me.

Anonymous said...

An "honest man"?
He was so honest when he lied about heckling that couple at the hockey game (while drunk).
He was so honest when he lied about never being arrested for drunk driving.
He was so honest when he lied about telling the HIV positive man he would help score some painkillers.
And let's not forget how "Those Oriental people work like dogs. … They’re slowly taking over."
and if you need more convincing: