Saturday, January 30, 2010

We already knew that

I have started working out regularly, again. It's nice. I waited a couple of weeks for the "New Years Resolutionistas" (as I saw a friend call them about a month ago on the facebox) to give up and go back to sleeping in. Another friend who continued right through the New Years rush saw a guy who brought his laptop and an instructional video during that period. It would've taken all my willpower not to "accidentally" step on it.

I think my favourite thing is seeing the same people every time I go to work out. There's Fake-Tan-Guy-Who-Way-Overdoes-His-Static-Stretching and Older-Fat-Guy-Who-Sweats-A-Lot and Spandex-Girl-With-Eyebrows-Several-Shades-Darker-Than-Her-Hair. And the two girls who are sort of a workout gang: they monopolize specific pieces of equipment by moving in a pack. And then there are the iPod people. You know the ones for whom the workout is less about becoming fit and more about being seen at the gym. They sit down on a piece of equipment and spend 10 minutes setting up their playlist; actually using the machine would just mess up their hair anyway.

This Thursday I accidentally slept in and wound up arriving at the gym about half an hour late. To my amazement, the same people were showing up at the same part of my workout as on a normal day. Apparently everyone was running half an hour late.

Just another piece of evidence for the "I am the centre of the Universe" pile.