Sunday, February 8, 2009

Poor Judgement

Apparently photos recently surfaced of Olympic hero Michael Phelps smoking pot. In light of this, Kellogg has decided to stop sponsoring him. That's right, Kellogg, the people who make cereal.

One article I read called this "poor judgement" on Phelps' part, but I think it was poor judgement on Kellogg's part. I mean, seriously, could you alienate a more lucrative market segment than potheads when your main product is cereal? And let's not forget university students who aren't necessarily potheads but probably sympathize with potheads and who, for various reason concerning extremely limited supplies of money and time, eat cereal for several meals a day sometimes.

A spokesperson for the company said that Phelps' behaviour was "not consistent with the image of Kellogg." Well, I guess when your humble beginnings are rooted in stuffing corn up peoples' bungholes to keep them from wanting sex, someone actually enjoying themselves after achieving something tremendous is probably not consistent with your image.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some General Mills made Cheerios to eat.


UmbrellaGirl said...
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UmbrellaGirl said...

Cornflakes get soggy too quickly for potheads to eat. By the time they remember what they are doing they just have floppy corn sheets floating in milk.

Linguo said...

I was reading a comment somewhere that said that once you've won a gold medal or climbed mount everest or (much to my delight) gotten a phd in math, you get permission to smoke weed, you've earned it, you've shown it's not going to destroy your life and that you're competent to make a decision.

umbrellagirl: i'm not a pothead myself, but this is a major problem with cornflakes. hence i much prefer corn pops. i just did some google research, and discovered, much to my surprise, that what i think of as "corn pops" are only corn pops in canada, and that american corn pops are totally different.